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OBJECTIVES AND HOMEWORK, Week6 (Nov. 8-9,, 2009)

November 8-9, 2009

SAC PREP ONE - Prayer – Speaking to God

  • Children will remember that we listen to God. They will also learn that we can talk to God, as well.
  • Children will recognized that talking and listening to God is called Prayer.
  • Children will hear the Bible story about God calling Samuel.
  • Children will be introduced to four sorts of prayer : Praise, Asking, Thanks, Saying we’re sorry
  • Children will recognize several times of the day when we ought to pray – morning, bedtime and mealtime

HOMEWORK: Parents, if you do not already pray before meals and at bedtime in your home, begin this
week to try to get into this habit. Your child can show you where to find the traditional Catholic meal
prayer in their books.

SAC PREP TWO - Jesus Shows Us How to Love Others

  • Children will become familiar with the word “command”.
  • Children will hear a Bible passage to help them understand that when we show love to others we are showing love to Jesus.
  • Children will practice thinking about what Jesus would do in various situations.

HOMEWORK: – Parents, help your children complete the front of the homework sheet. Then, through the week, see if you can see examples of people Loving God and Loving Others that you can add to the chart on the back.


  • Students will become familiar with the idea of God’s loving-kindness and will be presented with the idea of “Providence.”
  • Children will recognize Moses as a person preserved by God to lead his people out of slavery in Egypt.
  • Students will be familiar with the early stories of Moses: Baby Moses in the Bulrushes, Moses and the Burning Bush, and Moses and the Pharaoh.

HOMEWORK: Parents should work with their children to complete the worksheet. They may want to

re-read Chapter 6 together beforehand.

GRADE FOUR - Sin Stories

  • Students will review the stories we have covered this year and last to make a simple timeline.
  • Students will be introduced to the idea that our year is based (loosely) on the time that has passed since Jesus was born.
  • Students will familiarize themselves with the story of the Tower of Babel and its significance
  • Students will be exposed to the idea of figures.
  • Students will hear a story the emphasizes the humble nature of true goodness

HOMEWORK: Watch for ways to do good deeds and loving kindnesses during the week. Make a list of all the little things you do. Put your list into the offering envelope and put it into the basket at Mass next Sunday. Remember that money is only one way of giving.

GRADE FIVE - The Rite of Baptism
  • Students will become familiar with the Baptismal Rite.
  • Students will continue to deepen their understanding of and appreciation for Baptism.
  • Students will become familiar with the Baptismal Rite.
  • Students will continue to deepen their understanding of and appreciation for Baptism.
HOMEWORK: Complete anything you cannot fill out on the “My Birthday as a Christian” form in the text, page 16. Parents - tell your child everything you remember about their baptism.

GRADE SIX - Literal versus Contextual
  • Students will be presented with the idea of “literal” vs. “contextual” interpretation
  • Students will have an opportunity to think how God reveals Himself in His creation and to give thanks.
HOMEWORK: The prayer on the back of the worksheet was written by a student as a response to the creation story. Use that prayer as a model and write a similar one thanking God for one of the following: Clouds, beaches, lakes, animals (a particular kind of animal would be fine), friends, parents, family, etc. Illustrate the prayer with a drawing, a photograph or something cut from a magazine.

GRADE SEVEN - God Prepared His People for a Savior
  • Students will review a number of stories from Genesis and Exodus
  • Students will be able to place the different stories on a timeline
  • Students will be able to identify a number of “figures” or “types” in the Old Testament
  • Students will see that the Hebrew people had to learn through sad experience because they didn’t listen to God
HOMEWORK: Read over chapters 7-9

GRADE EIGHT - Revelation: Coming to Know God
  • To review the understanding that God’s revelation is handed on to us through both Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition
  • To review the basic structure of the Bible and help students approach the Scriptures with comfort and reverence
HOMEWORK: Read pages 32-34 in the Handbook.

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