Sunday, December 20, 2009

OBJECTIVES AND HOMEWORK - Week 11 - Dec. 20-21

SAC PREP ONE - Christmas
  • Children will become familiar with the Christmas story including the Annunciation and Visitation.
  • Children will review concept of Liturgical Calendar and Season of Advent
  • Children will add a purple page for Advent in their Book Without Words
  • Children will practice relating parts of the Christmas story and using the vocabulary (stable, manger, Bethlehem, etc.).
  • Children will have the opportunity to discern secular symbols of the holiday from religious symbols.
HOMEWORK: Do pages 64-65 in the textbook. Do the worksheet with someone at home and return it after Christmas break.

SAC PREP TWO - The Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Children will have practice evaluating whether actions are sins, temptations or accidents.
  • Children will be introduced to the idea of the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Other terms for the sacrament will be presented – Confession, Penance along with the concept of absolution
HOMEWORK: – Parents – Do the Steps to Peace activity with your children. Suggested answers are provided for you! Help your child work on memorizing the Act of Contrition.

GRADE THREE - The Fourth Commandment
  • Students will look up and read the Fourth Commandment
  • Students will explore the concept of “Honor”
  • Students will make specific plans to practice honoring their parents this week
  • Students will understand the Holy Family is a model family
  • Students will make a Holy Family Christmas ornament.
HOMEWORK: Read Chapter 11 in the book with your parents and discuss it. Remember your “honor” cards!

GRADE FOUR - Christmas
  • Students will review the Christmas story
  • Students will play a game and practice remembering details about the story
  • Students will have the opportunity to make a card for one of our homebound parishioners.
  • Time permitting, we will play games to review material covered so far this year.

GRADE FIVE - The Liturgical Year
  • Students will become familiar with the Liturgical Year and its seasons.
  • Students will have an opportunity to use a Liturgical Year calendar.
HOMEWORK: Complete the puzzle on page 42D.

GRADE SIX - The Tower of Babel
  • Students will become familiar with the story of the Tower of Babel
  • Students will understand that this story reflects the way sin can separate groups of people
  • Students will watch a video that illustrates how people can let sin separate them
HOMEWORK: Students should complete page 35 in the textbook.

GRADE SEVEN - The Nativity
  • Every student will be able to relate the Nativity story.
  • Students will know that stories of Jesus’ birth occur only in Matthew and Luke.
  • Students will compare the Nativity presentations in the two Gospels.
  • Students will do drawings of the Nativity as represented in one or the other Gospel.
HOMEWORK: Complete the worksheet.

GRADE EIGHT - Jesus Teaches and Heals (Parables and Miracles)
  • Students will re-connect with their childhood love of “hearing a story”.
  • Students will understand that a parable is a story that relies on a simile. The parables Jesus told compared some common, understandable experience with the Kingdom of God.
  • Students will learn a simple way to approach the parables.
  • Students will have the opportunity to briefly encounter a number of different parables.
HOMEWORK: Students should read the quote by Abraham Joshua Heschel on page 46 of
the text. Then they should select any of the parables mentioned on page 44 of the text. In their
journals they can write about what that parable has to say to or about them.

Sunday January 3 or Monday, January 4.
We will return to class on January 10 and 11.

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