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OBJECTIVES AND HOMEWOR K - January 31, February 1

SAC PREP ONE — The Good Shepherd
  • Students will hear the story of the Good Shepherd
  • Students will see a presentation on the Good Shepherd
  • Students will understand that Jesus is our Good Shepherd
HOMEWORK: With someone at home complete the chart on What a Shepherd does; What
Jesus Does.

SAC PREP TWO - Between Jesus and Me—Celebrating Forgiveness
  • Children will understand that under no circumstances will the priest ever reveal what is told to him in confession.
  • Children will review basic concepts.
  • Children will review and practice going to confession.
  • Children will become familiar with another Biblical forgiveness story.
HOMEWORK: “Steps to Peace” sheet

GRADE THREE - The Miracles of Christ
  • Children will learn that Jesus performed many miracles to show that He is Savior of the world.
  • Children will become familiar with several of the miracles Jesus performed, including healing miracles and feeding miracles.
HOMEWORK: Parents should read pages 83 and 84 to their children. Children should
be able to answer (in their own words) Q78, 79 and 80.

  • Students will hear the story of how Jacob stole Esau’s blessing and how he was tricked when choosing a wife.
  • Students will learn that Jacob changed his name to Israel and that the Israelites were God’s chosen people.
  • Students will understand the importance of a blessing
  • Students will understand that God can turn anything to His purpose and be able to recognize the word Providence
  • Students will take an exam over the year’s studies so far and complete their report cards
HOMEWORK: Look up Romans 8:28 and discuss with your parents what this verse has to do with the story of Jacob. [God’s providence.] Use the words provided on the homework sheet as prompts and write sentences about the people we have studied this week.
GRADE FIVE - The Liturgy of the Word
  • Children will know how to participate in the Liturgy of the Word
  • Children will become familiar with the parts of the Liturgy of the Word
HOMEWORK: Write three petitions, or Intercessions. One for leaders of our Church or in the world. One for our parish and one for someone or something specific….(for example someone you know who is sick, or who needs help.) We will pray these intercessions next week.
Also, with your parents, read the readings before you go to Mass this week. Pay special attention during Mass. You will be asked about the homily you heard.

GRADE SIX - Jacob and Esau
  • Students will be review the idea of “types” – figures and events in the Old Testament that prefigure those in the New Testament
  • Students will become familiar with the story of Jacob and Esau.
  • Students will understand that Old Testament figures were faulty people like us, with free will.
  • Students will know that despite their faults, God was able to use His people in His plan of salvation.
HOMEWORK - Complete written work on page 52 of the text. Complete the “Your Own Experience” section of the worksheet.

GRADE SEVEN - The Father and I Are One - Jesus’ Miracles
  • Students will recognize Jesus as the Second Person of the Holy Trinity
  • Students will know that Jesus is True God and True Man
  • Students will be able to define “miracle” and distinguish a miracle from magic and coincidence
  • Students will recognize that Jesus performed four different kinds of miracles and will explore what each says about God.
  • Students will use the Bible to explore a number of Jesus’ miracles and discuss what these miracles say to us.
HOMEWORK: Challenging this week! Work with family members to complete the back of the worksheet. A treat for those with completed homework.

GRADE EIGHT - The Resurrection: God is Victorious!
  • Students will have an understanding of the key events that followed the death of Jesus.
  • Student will have a chance to explore in greater depth the story of the Resurrection and become awakened to its significance in their lives.
HOMEWORK: Read the chapter, pages63-68 and do the writing on page 68.

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