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SAC PREP ONE - Jesus Calls Apostles (Vocations)
  • Children will know that Jesus had twelve Apostles.
  • Children will be familiar with the story of Jesus calling the fishermen.
  • Children will understand that Jesus calls each of us to love and serve Him in a special way.
  • Children will learn a song about our call, with hand motions.
HOMEWORK: Children should complete Quiz 13 with the help of their parents.

SAC PREP TWO - Special Words, Signs, Places
  • Children will know that special signs (things we see) and special words (things we hear) are associated with all Sacraments.
  • Children will recognize “I absolve you from your sins” as the special words associated with forgiveness and understand that the gesture the priest makes holding his hands over, or touching, the penitent’s head, is a special sign of forgiveness.
  • Children will have the opportunity to visit the reconciliation rooms, and the confessionals.
  • Children will become familiar with the story of the Forgiving Father (Prodigal Son). 
HOMEWORK: – Complete the “Fill in the blank” activity with parents

GRADE THREE - Imitation of Christ
  • Students will have a chance to learn what sort of boyhood Jesus might have had.
  • Students will recognize that Jesus had a “hidden life” until age 30 and that they have a “hidden life” right now.
  • Students will understand that God knows everything they do and nothing is hidden from him.
  • Students will think about ways that they can imitate Jesus.
  • Students will be presented with the story of Jesus’ baptism and relate it to their own baptism
HOMEWORK: Parents and children should read Chapter 16, particularly page 80 (which we didn’t cover in class). Children should know the answers to the three questions on page 81.

GRADE FOUR - Esau and Jacob
  • Students will hear the story of Isaac’s marriage to Rebekah.
  • Students will hear the story of how Esau sold Jacob his birthright for a bowl of stew.
  • Students will understand what a birthright is.
  • Students will understand how serious it is to swear before God
  • Students will review concepts and information learned this trimester for the first trimester exam next week.
HOMEWORK: Do the take-home exam and go over it with your parents.

GRADE FIVE - The Introductory Rites
  • Students will recognize that Love is at the center of the celebration of Eucharist.
  • Students will become familiar with the Introductory Rites..
HOMEWORK: Complete page 46 in the text.

GRADE SIX - Abraham and Isaac
  • Students will refamiliarize themselves with the story of Abraham and his sacrifice of his son Isaac.
  • Students will understand that Abraham sacrificed his will, which is what God wants each of us to do.
  • Students will explore how they could sacrifice their own will.
  • Students will become familiar with St. Edith Stein
HOMEWORK: Read the story of Abraham and Isaac in the Bible. Genesis 22: 1-18
Read through the scenarios in Master 21 and think what the loving thing would be to do – and how that would be a sacrifice of will.

GRADE SEVEN - The Kingdom of God
  • Students will know that Jesus’ public life began when he was around 30 years old, that until that time he lived a hidden life as a carpenter in Nazareth.
  • Students will know that Jesus was tempted in the desert.
  • Students will know that Jesus had many apostles and twelve disciples.
  • Students will be able to explain what a parable is.
  • Students will know that Jesus taught by telling parables.
  • Students will become familiar with a number of parables.
HOMEWORK: Look at Questions 66-70 on page 65. Be prepared to describe the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, mentioning His baptism, the calling of disciples, and his preaching. Be able to do this in the form of a little speech without notes. (One minute or less should do it!)

GRADE EIGHT - Triumph of the Cross
  • To help students deal with the reality of death in a positive way
  • To review the events surrounding the Passion and Death of Jesus
  • To take a quick look at the Stations of the Cross devotion.
HOMEWORK: On page 60 in the text, complete the inscription you would like to have on
your tombstone. What do you hope to have accomplished? Stood for?

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