Friday, January 8, 2010

OBJECTIVES AND HOMEWORK - Week 13 - January 10-11

SAC PREP ONE - Holy Families
  • Children will be able to articulate that God is the father of Jesus and that St. Joseph is Jesus’ foster father.
  • Children will understand that the term “Holy Family” refers to Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
  • Children will imagine how the member of the Holy Family treated one another with love.
  • Children will think how they can contribute to making their own family holy.
  • Children will recognize that our parish can also be considered a family.
HOMEWORK: Do pages 70 in the textbook.

SAC PREP TWO - Examination of Conscience
  • Children will know that the Holy Spirit can help us see ourselves clearly.
  • Students will learn the term “Examination of Conscience” and will know that these are questions we ask ourselves about how loving we have been.
  • Students will know that the Holy Spirit can help us get the answers to these questions.
  • Students will receive the Receiving God’s Peace booklets, and look briefly at the Examination of Conscience.
  • Children will think about ways the Holy Spirit can help us be loving people.
HOMEWORK: – Complete the worksheet. Practice doing a daily Examination of Conscience each night before you go to sleep. Parents – Read Chapter 18 to your children.

GRADE THREE - Purity, Honesty and Truth
  • Students will learn that our bodies are holy, temples of the Holy Spirit
  • Students will learn that the 6th and 9th commandments tell us to respect our bodies and those of others in thought and deed
  • Students will be reminded that we must respect the belongings of others (the 7th and 10th Commandments) in thought and deed
  • Students will learn that they must respect the truth (the 8th Commandment)
HOMEWORK: With your parents, read over Chapter 12 in the text.

GRADE FOUR - Abraham
  • Students will review the story of Abraham
  • Students will put together a short play of the story.
  • Students will recognize that a covenant has two parts - God’s part and ours
  • Students will explore the idea of types
HOMEWORK: have your parents help you complete the “God’s Gift: Free Will” worksheet. Use the story in the textbook to help you.

GRADE FIVE - The Communion of Saints
  • Students will review various aspects of the Eucharist, Eucharist as meal, sacrifice, liturgy, sacrament, worship.
  • Students will be presented with the concept of Communion of Saints
  • Students will recognize the Eucharist as a celebration that unifies all of God’s people.
  • Students will begin to appreciate the sign value of bread.
HOMEWORK: Write the answers to the “We Review” section at the bottom of page 50.
With help from a parent, put together the Mass booklets from the back of your textbooks. Bring
it to class next week.

GRADE SIX - Covenant
  • Students will become familiar with God’s call to Abram.
  • Students will recognize that the Book of Genesis tells the story of God’s Creation, Man’s Sin and God’s promise of Salvation.
  • Students will understand that the call/listen pattern is frequently found in the Bible.
  • Students will be familiar with God’s covenant with Abram
  • Students will think about the meaning of faith.

HOMEWORK: Do the writing activity on page 45 (if it was not done in class). Over the week do the coloring activity at the bottom of the page.

GRADE SEVEN - Incarnation, Redemption, Holy Family
  • Students will understand the meaning of Redemption
  • Students will be able to explain the word “Incarnation”
  • Students will know that Mary and Joseph took Jesus to present him in the Temple, something we call the “Presentation”
  • Students will play a game to review basic information and vocabulary related to Mary
HOMEWORK: None this week.

GRADE EIGHT - God Works Miracles Through Us
  • Students will have the opportunity to watch the video “A Man Called Norman”
HOMEWORK: Perform a random act of kindness this week; share it with your family and
challenge family members to perform a random act as well. Be ready to share yours or a family
members’ in class next week

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