Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We were so pleased to see nearly all of our Sacarmental Prepration students at one of the two Celebrations of God's Forgiveness last week - despite the horrible weather!  Thanks to you wonderful parents who went out in the cold and snow to get your children to church!  Thanks also to Fr. Mark and Fr. Joe and all the loving priests who so kindly gave up their evenings to hearing our children's first confessions.

I was also really touched to see nearly every one of our catechists and school teachers present - at one or the other of our services.  What a beautiful display of support!

The best thing parents can now do is not wait too long before taking your child to confession again!  Lent is, of course, a very appropriate time to receive the Sacrament.  I think you will find, as I have, that taking your children to confession frequently truly helps them think more deeply about how they are acting.  This is a terrific parenting assist - take advantage of it!  Furthermore, if children go to confession frequently they get over the feeling of strangeness and discomfort (worrying more about how to celebrate the rite than the substance of it). 

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