Sunday, February 28, 2010

OBJECTIVES AND HOMEWORK Lesson Eighteen - February 28, March 1

SAC PREP ONE— Love Others
  • Children will recall the two Great Laws of Love
  • Children will review three ways to love God (pray, day, say)
  • Children will understand that we can love others by giving them food, by visiting them, by being a good friend and by helping them.
  • Children will be presented with the story of the Good Samaritan and will have a chance to re-tell it
  • Children will complete their Love God, Love Others posters to take home
HOMEWORK: Parents and children should complete Quiz 16 together.

SAC PREP TWO - Jesus Feeds People
  • Children should be very clear that we are now beginning study of a completely different Sacrament.
  • Catechist will familiarize the children with a story where Jesus feeds people.
  • Children will taste unconsecrated hosts
  • New vocabulary: Eucharist, Holy Communion
  • Children will experience the unity that comes from eating together.
HOMEWORK: Complete page 75 if it was not done in class. Retell the “Loaves and Fishes” story to someone at home.

GRADE THREE - The Passion
  • Children will become familiar with the events of the Passion.
  • Children will be able to identify Judas, Peter, Pontius Pilate, Chief Priests
  • Children will be exposed to the terms, Passion, Scourging, Crucifixion
HOMEWORK: Have your parents or someone at home read Chapter 19 to you
and work with them to complete the worksheet.

GRADE FOUR - Moses and Passover
  • Students will put all of the Bible stories we have studied in chronological order and compare them with a Bible Timeline
  • Students will become more familiar with the story of Moses and the exodus from Egypt
HOMEWORK: Work with your parents and the text to complete the double-sided worksheet which reviews the story of the Exodus.

GRADE FIVE - Eucharistic Prayer
  • Students will become familiar with the Eucharistic Prayer.
  • Students will understand that the words of the Consecration are the words Jesus spoke at the Last Supper.
  • Students will recognize that we offer ourselves at Mass.
  • Students will review for next week’s exam.
HOMEWORK: Use the study sheet to prepare for the exam.

GRADE SIX - Joseph
  • Class will continue to explore the story of Joseph.
  • Students will be introduced the idea that Joseph “prefigures” Jesus and that this is another way to refer to Joseph being a “type”.
HOMEWORK - Page 68 in the text. If students need prompting they can look back in the text.
Use the sample test to study for the exam.

GRADE SEVEN - Acceptance of the Father’s Will
  • Students will review the Liturgical Calendar and the season of Lent.
  • Students will understand that Lent begins with Ash Wednesday (this year on February 21) and will be prompted to think about how they will spend their Lent this year
  • Students will become more familiar with the events of the Passion, through a video, an activity, reading and discussion.
HOMEWORK: Read the text, Chapter 19.

  • To awaken in the students the connection between Baptism and Confirmation.
  • To get students to begin to be aware of and discuss the wisdom, works and worship of the Catholic Church.
HOMEWORK: Think back over this year’s lessons (use the book as a reminder of what was covered). Make a list of things you have learned.

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