Saturday, February 6, 2010


SAC PREP ONE — Sin and Forgiveness
  • Students will add a purple page to the Book without Words
  • Students will know that next week the Season of Lent will begin
  • Students will take their second trimester test.
  • Students will fill out their report cards.
  • Children will recall the parable of the Good Shepherd.
  • Children will understand sin as choosing not to follow the two great commandments.
  • Children will understand being sorry as knowing we have not loved, and wishing we had made another choice
  • Children will understand that when we are sorry Jesus always forgives us
HOMEWORK: Complete the little activities on page 103 & 104 if not completed in class/
Discuss what Lenten practices you will be observing in your home.

SAC PREP TWO - Steps in the Rite of Reconciliation
  • Children will understand that celebration of the Rite of Reconciliation must begin at home with prayer to the Holy Spirit and an Examination of Conscience.
  • Children will do activities that will help them become more familiar with the steps of the Rite.
  • Children will hear a story about forgiveness.
HOMEWORK: Do the worksheet with someone at home.

GRADE THREE - Parables
  • Children will learn that Jesus told parables to teach us what God and Heaven are like.
  • Children will understand that parables are stories that make comparisons.
  • Children will become familiar with the Parable of the Forgiving Father, and the Parable of the Good Samaritan.
HOMEWORK: Students should write the “message” of the Parable of the Forgiving Father on the picture card. Retell the parable of the Forgiving Father (or Prodigal Son) and the Good Samaritan to someone at home.

GRADE FOUR - Joseph, Part One
  • Students will review the story of Jacob and how he got two wives and twelve sons!
  • Students will see a video about Joseph, leading up to his interpreting the Pharaoh’s dream
  • Students will explore this story as it appears in the book of Genesis.
  • Students will work together to complete a crossword puzzle.
  • Time permitting, students will improvise the story.

HOMEWORK: With your parents, read Chapter 6. Complete the worksheet.

GRADE FIVE - Liturgical Music

  • Children will meet and get to know our Director of Music, Clint Desmond
  • Children will become familiar with our organ and with how our music is prepared
HOMEWORK: Come prepared next week prepared to share: What was one thing you learned from the presentation about music? ALSO: Which hymn from Sunday Mass which was your favorite, at what part of the Mass it was used, and who played and sang it?

  • Students will understand the importance of the spoken word in Biblical times and explore our feelings about it today.
  • Students will become familiar with the continuing adventures of Jacob; Jacob’s ladder, his marriage to Leah and Rachel and how he wrestled with an angel.
  • Students will learn about the life of St. Martin de Porres
HOMEWORK - Read Genesis 29: 15-30. Write a synopsis of what occurs. Complete page 57
of the text if it was not done in class..

GRADE SEVEN - Reconciliation
  • Students will understand the difference between mortal and venial sin.
  • Students will have the opportunity to deepen their appreciation of the Sacrament of Penance.
  • Students will be familiar with the concept of “near occasion of sin”.
  • Students will understand that conscience must be informed.
HOMEWORK: Read Handout on Holy Orders.
Do an informal “Review of the Day” each night. Look at MASTER 16.1 for an idea of questions to use. Do a drawing illustrating one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

GRADE EIGHT - Living for Love
  • Students will see a video on St. Valentine and understand a bit better the challenge of life in the early Church.
  • Students will make St. Patrick’s Day cards for some homebound parishioners.
HOMEWORK: For next week, each student should read about the saint assigned to him/her, and be prepared to give a one-minute talk about that saint. Emphasize how this saint showed love.

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