Sunday, April 11, 2010


  • Children will become familiar with the Easter story
  • Children will understand the word “Resurrection”
  • Children will hear the story of doubting Thomas
HOMEWORK: Complete page 118 in the text, if not completed in class and do page 116.

SAC PREP TWO - Communion
  • The children will understand that as we receive Communion it will help us to grow to be more like Jesus.
  • Children will learn a pattern for prayer after Communion.
  • Children will have their first practice for the first communion Mass in the church.
HOMEWORK: Parents should do the worksheet with their children.

GRADE THREE - Receiving Jesus Reverently
  • Children will review three ways in which we can give loving-sacrifice to Jesus: True Love (keeping our souls free from sin), Prayer, Hard Things (doing good but difficult things out of love for God)
  • Children will become familiar with the names of some of the vessels and items used at Mass
  • Children will practice receiving communion reverently
HOMEWORK: Ask a parent to read Chapter 24 with you. Complete the worksheet

GRADE FOUR - On the Road to God
  • Students will realize that with the birth of Jesus a new part of the Bible begins.
  • Students will remember that God created us, unlike other parts of His creation, able to think, and choose and love.
  • Students will explore what it means to know and love God.
  • Students will look at the first three commandments.
  • Students will be explore the Bible to see how important obedience is.
  • Children will have the opportunity to look up several verses in both Old and New Testaments.
HOMEWORK: With someone at home read and discuss Chapter 16.

GRADE FIVE - Our Purpose is to Love
  • Students will understand that our purpose on earth is to love as Jesus loved.
  • Students will realize that we can love God by loving others.
  • Students will hear testimonies by other children about everyday ways to love and will share their own.
HOMEWORK: Do page 77 in the textbook.

GRADE SIX - Passover
  • Students will be familiar with the escape from Egypt.
  • Students will witness a Jewish Passover Meal
  • Students will be able to relate how symbols of the Passover meal point to Christ as Messiah
HOMEWORK - Complete page 79 in the text. Refer to the textbook if you need to.

GRADE SEVEN - The Marks of the Church
  • Students will know the four marks of the Church – One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic
  • Students will know more about the first pope, St. Peter
  • Student will recognize that “Church” is community, on many levels
  • Students will become familiar with the hierarchy of the Church, and the roles of the Pope, bishops, priests, deacons and laity
HOMEWORK: Read Chapter 26 and do the “Bishops, Priests, Deacons” worksheet.

  • To help students appreciate the importance of personal prayer
  • To introduce students to a practical prayer technique they might use in their daily life
  • To encourage students to establish daily prayer rituals
HOMEWORK: Read pages 81-84 in your text and complete page 85. Worksheet.

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