Monday, December 14, 2009

OBJECTIVES AND HOMEWORK - Week 10 - Dec. 13-14

SAC PREP ONE - Creation
  • Students will review the story of God’s creation of man.
  • Students will learn how Adam and Eve lost their place in the garden by hearing a story, watching a video and reading the text.
  • Children will recognize the term “Original Sin” as referring to the first sin committed.
  • Children will understand that we no longer live in the Garden because our first parents sinned.
  • Students will make their Salvation Booklets.
HOMEWORK: Read the Book without Words to your parents. Complete the “A Sad Story” sheet by coloring the picture and answering the question.

SAC PREP TWO - Sin, Temptation, Accident
  • Children will be able to correctly use the words “forgive” and “sin”.
  • Children will understand the difference between a sin, an accident and a temptation.
  • Children will have practice recognizing behaviors as sins, temptations or accidents
HOMEWORK – Begin to memorize the Act of Contrition. (Parents, the version we ask the children to memorize should be glued into their texts.)

GRADE THREE - The Lord’s Day
  • Students will practice using the Bible by finding and reading the first three commandments from Exodus.
  • Students will think more about the importance of names, particularly God’s name
  • Students will be led by means of a book and project to think about God, and the joy of spending time with Him
HOMEWORK: With parents complete the worksheet “God’s Special Day”.

GRADE FOUR - Going to Confession
  • Children will be familiar with how to go to confession.
  • Children will have visited the confessionals if they are unfamiliar with them.
  • Children will recognize the necessity of doing a penance.
  • Children will understand the seal of confession.
HOMEWORK: If at all possible, children should go to confession before Christmas.

GRADE FIVE - Adoration
  • Students will explore ways to show reverence.
  • Children will continue to explore Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
HOMEWORK: Complete pages 40 and 41 in the textbook.

GRADE SIX - Noah - Another De-Creation Story
  • Students will all be familiar with the story of Noah and the Flood.
  • Students will recognize that in the Bible shorter lifespans indicate more sinfulness and that the term “40” as a length of time separates important advances in salvation history
  • Students will recognize that the story can be viewed literally, symbolically or as a combination of the two.
  • Students will understand that in any case the teaching is that sin destroys but God saves.
HOMEWORK: Read the relatively modern synopsis of the novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray” and answer the two questions at the bottom of the worksheet.

GRADE SEVEN - Mary, Prepared to Be the Mother of God
  • Students will explore Mary, and become more familiar with the stories of the Annunciation and the Visitation.
  • Students will be able to explain why Mary is called “Immaculate”.
  • Students will complete their side of the report cards.
HOMEWORK: Complete the worksheet and do the take-home test.

GRADE EIGHT - Sin is the Obstacle to the Reign of God
  • Students will refamiliarize themselves with the story of Adam and Eve from Genesis
  • Students will think about the effects of that original sin on relationships
  • Students will become aware of some negative cultural values that lead to sin and think about how to combat them.
  • Students will have the opportunity to meditate on their own sinfulness
HOMEWORK: Prepare a one-minute talk on any aspect of Confession.

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