Saturday, March 20, 2010


All of our catechists are provided each week with detailed lesson plans to assist them in presenting a class which will be accessible and interesting to each child in the class. We have taken care to create activities and approaches which will reach all kinds of learners, as well as children with greater or lesser prior knowledge of our faith.

Look at a few of the activities for this week, for example - Fifth graders will enjoy bread and grape juice as they discuss the meaning of consecration and transubstantiation, then they will do a practical review of how to receive communion reverently. Third graders will use picture cards to explore Christ’s sacrifice; they will also work directly with the Bible, and will watch a short video about the Mass. Sacramental Preparation students will play listening games to help them focus on how important it is to listen at Mass. Seventh graders will explore the outward signs at the heart of every sacrament as well as other sacred symbols. They will be challenged to come up with their own image for the Holy Spirit after hearing how a cross-shaped Rice Krispie Treat is one image of the Church. Fourth graders will use laminated figures to re-tell the story of David and Goliath, and will read in the Bible how David brought the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem; they will use maps to see where all of these stories took place. So, you see we provide a variety of activities in each class period. While we aim to teach, one of our most important goals is for each child to feel happy and cherished, and to have a sense of mastery and accomplishment.

Parents - you are always welcome to drop in and watch a class! Feel free to ask your child’s catechist about sitting in. We may ask you to help our or participate - but we’d love to have you.

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