Tuesday, April 27, 2010


  • Children will understand that we are all members of the Church.
  • They will see the parallels between being a member of the Church and being a member of a family
  • Children will become familiar with St. Martin de Tours
  • Children will know that our Pope is Benedict XVI
  • Children will see photographs of our Pope and Bishop
  • Children will know that we become members of the Church at baptism.
HOMEWORK: Begin work on the “Give Glory to God all the time” sheet. They may keep this to work
on over the summer. If children did not do Quiz 22 in class, it may be homework.

SAC PREP TWO - Jesus Is Always Present
  • Students will enjoy the bread that they made at the retreat.
  • The children will have a final practice in the church.
HOMEWORK: Complete the review worksheet with your parents.

GRADE THREE - Reverence at Mass - Consecration
  • Children will appreciate that the prayers of the Mass are based on ancient traditions preserved for us in Scripture.
  • Children will get practice following the Mass in the Ritual Song books
  • Children will get practice looking up Scripture passages.
  • Children will hear a story about the mystery of the Mass and have an opportunity to illustrate it
  • Time permitting, children will review some things learned this year.
HOMEWORK: None this week.

GRADE FOUR - People of God
  • Students will use a timeline to review the stories we have covered this year
  • Students will compare the Israelites to us “new Israelites”
  • Students will explore various Scriptures that help us consider the way the Holy Spirit makes us into one Church.
HOMEWORK: Do “The Holy Spirit” worksheet with your parents or someone at home.

GRADE FIVE - Works of Mercy
  • Students will explore ways in which we can show love for others.
  • Students will become familiar with the Works of Mercy
  • Students will have an opportunity to pray together
HOMEWORK: Rread the story of Martin de Porres on page 173. At the bottom of the page mark the
Works of Mercy that Martin performed, using the letters on page 171.

GRADE SIX - Manna in the Desert
  • Students will read become familiar with the way God cared for His people in the desert.
  • Students will make the association between Manna and Eucharist
  • Students will become acquainted with the covenant between God and the Israelites
HOMEWORK - Do page 81 (bottom) and page 83 in the text.

GRADE SEVEN - Sacraments
  • Students will be able to give a definition of Sacrament.
  • Students will explore the three qualities of a Sacrament by looking at the Sacrament of Baptism
  • Students will be challenged to develop a visual image for Sacrament
HOMEWORK: Look up at least one Scripture passage relating to the Institution of each Sacrament (as found on the worksheet). Write it down.

GRADE EIGHT - Fruits of the Spirit
  • The awaken students to the richness of the gifts they will receive at Confirmation.
  • To help students reflect on the nature of the Fruits of the Spirit.
HOMEWORK: Do the “Self-Analysis” sheet if not done in class.

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  1. Can you explain to me how this works. Is your program a traditional classroom model or is is mostly parents working at home with their children? Looks interesting. woleary@kcascension.org