Tuesday, September 21, 2010


SAC PREP ONE - God is Good
  • Children will become acquainted with one another and the teacher(s).
  • Children will understand that they were made by God, the Father and Creator, who loves them.
  • Children will be shown the “prayer area” and will be introduced to the Bible as a holy book which will tell us about God, who made us.
  • Children will receive their textbooks and build anticipation about the coming year.
  • Children will become familiar with the story of Creation through the textbook and a video.
HOMEWORK: Pray the “Our Father” with your mom or dad several times this week. Parents
should read the Creation story to their children from a Children’s Bible or storybook sometime
this week.

SAC PREP TWO - God the Creator
  • Students will know that God is in Heaven and everywhere.
  • Students will understand that God made many good things; the most beautiful part of God’s creation are human beings because we have souls
  • They will know that human beings are special because we can think, choose and love
HOMEWORK: Parents, see if your children can tell you the answers to the questions on page 8 of their textbook. Please read Chapter 3 (pages 17-19) aloud to your child this week.

  • Students will get to know one another’s names.
  • Children will recognize that God is an all-perfect Spirit.
  • The Children will know that God is the Holy Trinity
  • Students will recognize the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as the persons of the Trinity
  • Students will know that Jesus taught us to pray to His Father by teaching us the “Our Father”.
HOMEWORK: Students should work through the sheet on the Our Father with their parents.

GRADE FOUR - On Pilgrimage
  • Students will get to know one another’s names.
  • Students will understand that a pilgrimage is a journey to a holy place. They will be presented with the idea that our whole life is a journey. Our goal is Heaven. We must make the choices that lead us toward Heaven.
  • Children will receive Bibles as a gift from the parish.
HOMEWORK: Color some of the “Path of Life” drawing with colored pencils. Put some color, at least, on each location. As you color, think about the choices people might make in life that would lead to one destination or another.

GRADE FIVE - Worship
  • Students will become familiar with one another and with the catechist.
  • Students will define worship as “the honor and praise we give to God.”
  • Students will understand that we worship God because He is great and good and we belong to Him.
HOMEWORK: Read pages 4-6 and do the written work on page 6.

GRADE SIX - God Reveals Himself
§ Students will acquaint or re-acquaint themselves with one another and the catechist
§ Students will realize that God reveals Himself through Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition
Students will be able to explain the three stages by which the Bible reached its present form.
HOMEWORK: Complete the rest of the worksheet. Bring it back next week in the binder.

  • Students will get to know or become re-acquainted with one another and the
  • catechist(s).
  • Students will learn that faith is a supernatural gift from God and that our Faith is the collection of truths that God has revealed to us.
  • Students will be reminded that God has revealed Himself through creation, Scripture and tradition, and perfectly through Jesus Christ.
  • Students will recognize that what we believe, as Christians, is concisely stated in the Apostles and the Nicene Creeds.
HOMEWORK: Read Chapter 1 in the text and complete the worksheet

GRADE EIGHT - One and Only
  • To begin this year on a positive note by creating a welcoming environment
  • To help students to re-establish friendships, welcome newcomers and become comfortable
  • To help students reflect on their uniqueness and dignity as persons
HOMEWORK: Read pages 6-11 in your Handbook.

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