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OBJECTIVES AND HOMEWORK - Week 2 - October 2-3, 2011

GRADE ONE - God is Our Father

* Children will understand that God created human beings special because they can think, and choose and love.
* Children will learn that God also created angels – creatures with souls but no bodies, and animals - creatures with bodies but no souls.

HOMEWORK: Complete the coloring sheet at home. Practice the Sign of the Cross and the Our Father. Ask your children to tell you how we are different from all God’s Creation. (Humans can think, love and choose.)


* Students will explore the idea that God is eternal.
* Students will review the concept of the Holy Trinity.
* They will know that God made us to know, love and serve Him.
* Students will recognize Adam and Eve as the first people God created.
* Students will understand Grace as part of God’s own life that He shares with us in our souls

HOMEWORK: Children should complete the word-scramble activity “God’s Children”, with parents’ help, if needed.

GRADE THREE - God Created the World

* Students will review the concept of Trinity
* Students will understand the difference between “create” and “make”
* Children will recognize that all God’s creation is good, and that we can choose to use God’s creation properly or badly.
* Children will understand that God created us to know, love and serve Him.

HOMEWORK: Students should complete the worksheet with their someone at home.

GRADE FOUR - The First Murder

* Students will review the levels of creation.
* Students will remember that the original sin was when Adam and Eve said “no” to God’s request.
* Students will become familiar with the story of Cain and Abel.
* Students will recognize the human tendency to make excuses and to pretend that God is not all-knowing.
* Students will be able to distinguish between Original Sin and Actual Sin

HOMEWORK: Listen as a parent or someone in your home reads Chapter 2 from your textbook. Use the textbook to review the story by filling in the blanks on the worksheet “The First Murder”.

GRADE FIVE - How We Worship

* Students will understand that we worship God through prayer, loving service and sacrifice.
* Students will consider ways to increase their personal prayer.
* Students will know that “Alleluia!” means “Praise God!”
* Students will become familiar with Saint Joan of Arc

HOMEWORK: Look at page 5. In your blue books, write ways a student could give loving service during each of those times of the day.

GRADE SIX - Inspiration

* Students will understand that the Bible was written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
* Students will appreciate how carefully the ancient scribes transcribed the biblical texts
* Students will learn about the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

HOMEWORK: Do the The Bible in My Life portion of the Lesson Two worksheet.


* Students will be able to distinguish the twelve doctrines that are part of the Apostles Creed
* Students will pray the Creed to the music of John Michael Talbot
* Students will use the Bible to explore the attributes of God
* Students will understand that to know God we must have a relationship with Him
* Students will recall that God is a Trinity and will review some aspects of this concept

HOMEWORK: Read chapter 2 in the text. Complete the word search.

GRADE EIGHT - Growing in Faith

* Students will begin to understand both the differences and the important connections between faith and religious practice
*Students will become aware of the three “components” of religion: Wisdom (belief), Works (morality), and Worship
* Students will consider their own experience of these three aspects of faith and rate which might be most important to them

HOMEWORK: Read pages 24-29.

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