Sunday, October 9, 2011

OBJECTIVES AND HOMEWORK - Week 3 - October 9-10, 2011

GRADE ONE - God is Holy

* Children will understand that God is Holy, that God knows everything, sees everything, and is everywhere.
* Children will learn that certain items remind us of God, so we think of them as Holy, for example, The Bible, a rosary, a crucifix.
* Children will learn that God is present in a church building in special ways.
* Children will explore various postures and gestures that help us show God how we feel about Him.
* Children will go to the church and visit the Tabernacle and the Altar.
* Children will learn to genuflect before the Tabernacle and bow before the Altar.

HOMEWORK: Children should tell their parents about three things they saw/learned in
church. With parents do the review sheet at home. (Parents – please read the questions and write your
child’s answers in the blanks.)


* Children will review the story of Adam and Eve’s sin.
* Children will understand that they committed the first sin.
* Students will recognize sin as disobeying God.
* Students will understand that God loves us and wants our happiness.

HOMEWORK: Parents, please read the first three paragraphs on page 27 to your children. Read the homework sheet about angels. Pray the Guardian Angel Prayer each morning this week.

GRADE THREE - Learning About God

* Students will understand that God has revealed Himself to us through Creation, the prophets, Jesus, and the Bible
* Students will know that there are two main parts of the Bible
* Students will be shown how to locate the Gospels in the Bible and will look up a Scripture passage
* Students will know that the Gospels describe the life and teaching of Jesus
* Children will be able to name the four Gospels

HOMEWORK: Parents, please help your child do the worksheet on Divine Revelation.

GRADE FOUR - Sorting and Labeling

* Students will be presented with several ways to categorize sins.
* Students will recognize sins of word and thought, sins of action and omission.
* Students will understand that some sins can completely destroy our relationship with God. These are called mortal sins.
* Students will know that mortal sins have 1) serious matter, 2) full knowledge and 3) full consent.
* Students will understand that venial sins damage our relationship with God.

HOMEWORK: Complete the worksheet.

GRADE FIVE - Gospels

* Children will understand that God speaks to us through words.
* Children will be able to identify the four Gospels and will know that “Gospel” means “good news”.
* Children will be able to locate the Gospels in the Bible.
* Students will know how to read and write a Scripture citation

HOMEWORK: : Complete the worksheet with someone at home.  Parents, have your children point out the different sorts of sin which are part of the Penitential Rite at Mass.

GRADE SIX - Bible Overview

* Students will begin to appreciate the need to be familiar with the Old Testament
* Students will understand that the Bible is divided into the Old and New Testaments,books, chapters and verses.
* Students will explore the classroom set of Bibles and become familiar with some of the helpful features
* Students will practice writing and finding Bible citations

HOMEWORK: What is the point of each of the quotes on the worksheet? Also record your initial thoughts about each quote.


* Students will recall that God is a Trinity and will review some aspects of this concept.
* Students will discuss how we speak of the different persons of the Trinity, especially in prayer.
* Students will recognize God as Creator and know that all three persons of the Blessed Trinity were present at creation.
* Students will hear a story that will remind them of what knowledge is important.

HOMEWORK: Complete worksheet, if needed. Read Chapter 3.  Parents, ask your students to explain what Rice Krispie Treats have to do with the Trinity.  As a family see how many images of Trinity you can devise.

GRADE EIGHT - More Than the Eye Can See

*  Students will begin to understand that to grow in faith we need to be open to God
*  Students will have an experience of guided meditation
*  Students will understand that God is present to us in a variety of ways.

HOMEWORK: WRITE: Finish the exercise on page 16.

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