Sunday, November 13, 2011

OBJECTIVES AND HOMEWORK - Week 8 - November 13-14, 2011

GRADE ONE - The Our Father

* Children will know that Jesus taught us the Our Father
* Children will have the opportunity to explore the meaning of the Our Father

HOMEWORK: : Complete pages 47 and 48 in textbook.

SAC PREP TWO - We Give the Gift of Love to Others

* Children will be led to think about the importance of honesty.
* Children will reflect on how sharing brings more happiness than greediness
* Children will hear the story of the “Boy Who Cried Wolf”
* Children will review ways we can love God and others.
* Children will fill out report cards

HOMEWORK: – Complete worksheet.

GRADE THREE - Loving God Most of All

* Students will explore the first and second commandments.
* Students will take time to recall that all we have comes from God and remember that we should be thankful
* Students will review the first trimester’s work with a Bingo game
* Students will learn the word “reverent” and explore what it means.

HOMEWORK: Parents and children should complete the “Putting God First” sheet together.

GRADE FOUR - Sorry Is As Sorry Does

* Students will understand that everyday decisions have the power to improve us or harm us – the more we sin the more we are apt to sin while the more virtuous we act, the better we become.
* Students will explore various reasons for being “sorry” and will be introduced to the idea of “perfect contrition” and “imperfect contrition”.
* Students will recognize that “contrition” is a better word for the sort of “being sorry” we should feel about our sins.
* Students will recognize that contrition is a way of thinking about our sins, rather than a feeling.
* Students will recognize that true contrition requires a change of behavior – a purpose of amendment.

HOMEWORK: Complete the worksheet.

GRADE FIVE - The Passover

* Students will be familiar with the story of the Passover
* Students will take their first trimester exams and fill out report cards.

HOMEWORK: Have students complete the Book of Exodus worksheet.

GRADE SIX - The Fall

* Students will review the story of the Fall.
* Students will understand that this is a symbolic story intended to explain how evil entered the world.
* Students will know that “eating” symbolizes “knowing”.
* Students will recognize that the two main messages of this story are that 1) people sin and 2) God’s love is faithful, nevertheless.

HOMEWORK: Find and read 1 Peter 1:3-7 and write a response in the form of a prayer. Indicate that you will call on some people next week to offer their prayers in class. (And worksheet, if not completed in class.)

GRADE SEVEN - The Prophets

* Students will understand that God sent prophets to prepare His people for the Messiah and to call them to repentance.
* Students will recognize the Babylonian captivity as God’s punishment for the Israelites ignoring the prophets
* Students will be able to identify Isaiah as a prophet who foretold the coming of the Savior not as a king but as one experiencing pain and humiliation
* Students will understand that the Israelites expected a Messiah who would be a glorious earthly king who would restore the Kingdom of Israel.

HOMEWORK: Complete the worksheet section and consider what this all means to you.

GRADE EIGHT -Prepare the Way

* To allow students time to complete first Trimester report cards.
* To familiarize students with the prayer form Lectio Divina
* To increase students’ level of comfort with the Bible and to spark their interest in learning more about Jesus
* To help the students see Jesus’ baptism as a time when he began to embrace his mission .

HOMEWORK: Read Mark 4:1-11. Using the Lectio Divina model, pray over this passage and see what it might have to say to you. After all four steps of your prayer is finished, complete the journal-writing exercise on page 33 in the Handbook.

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