Friday, October 15, 2010

OBJECTIVES AND HOMEWORK - Week 4, Oct, 17-18, 2010

SAC PREP ONE - God’s Grace
  • Children will understand that God’s presence in us is called Grace
  • Children will learn that we first receive God’s Grace at Baptism
  • Students will recognize that they became a member of the Church at their Baptism
  • Children will visit the church and see the Baptismal Font
  • Children should understand that when they bless themselves at the doors of the church, they are reminding themselves of their baptism.
HOMEWORK: Children should complete page 27, if this was not done in class and discuss
their own baptism with their parents. Parents should complete the little “certificate” on page 28
and to show the children a picture of their baptism.

SAC PREP TWO - Baptism
  • Children will learn that at baptism we receive God’s grace - His very own life in our souls.
  • Children will learn that Sacraments are special ways Jesus gave us to receive God’s grace. They will look forward to receiving two more Sacraments this year.
  • Children will learn that at Baptism we become members of the Church – Christians.
HOMEWORK: Parents, read Chapter 6 to your child. Practice the Sign of the Cross.

GRADE THREE - The Promise of a Savior
  • Students will review the story of the fall of Adam and Eve and will learn the vocabulary: Original Sin, the Fall
  • Students will review the idea of Grace as God’s life in our souls
  • Students will recognize that Jesus is our Savior and that He died on the cross to save us from our sins
  • Students will know that we first receive God’s Grace at Baptism and that we must work to keep God’s Grace in our souls
  • Students will become familiar with St. Therese of Lisieux
  • Students will make Sacrifice Beads for themselves
HOMEWORK: Work with your parents and the textbook to answer the questions. Use your
Sacrifice Beads.

GRADE FOUR - Mortal and Venial Sins
  • Students will be review Actual Sin, Original Sin, sins of Thought, Word and Deed and sins of Omission and Commission.
  • Students will understand that some sins can completely destroy our relationship with God. These are called mortal sins.
  • Students will know that mortal sins have 1) serious matter, 2) full knowledge and 3) full consent.
  • Students will understand that venial sins damage our relationship with God.
HOMEWORK: Memorize the “I Confess” prayer from Mass if you do not already know it. Do an illustration of the Sanctuary Lamp story.

GRADE FIVE - God Speaks Through Signs
  • Children will understand that God speaks to us through signs.
  • Children will know that special words and signs are associated with the celebration of the Sacraments.
  • Children will be presented with a definition of “Sacrament”
  • Children will be able to name the seven Sacraments and categorize them.
  • Children will be introduced to the terms “Rite” and “Liturgy”.
HOMEWORK: Written work on page 18 of textbook.

GRADE SIX - Creation
  • Students will know that the opening pages of Scripture speak of God’s great love for us.
  • Students will become familiar with the first story of Creation in Genesis, Chapter 1.
  • Students will realize that this story is written in a repetitive, poetic style.
HOMEWORK: Do the exercises in the “Translation” section of the worksheet.

  • Students will review the “ladder of creation”
  • Students will understand that humans are part of both spiritual and material
  • Students will recognize that we believe in resurrection of the body; we do not become angels when we die
  • Students will read some Bible passages and watch a video that will help them understand more fully the role of angels
HOMEWORK: There is an old folk tradition (lower-case “t”) that you can pray to learn your guardian angel’s name. You ask God and pray before bed to learn the name. When you get up in the morning you should know it. This week (whether you know your angel’s name or not!) pray an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be for your Guardian Angel every day. Thank your angel for guiding and protecting you. Also – read Chapter 4 and complete the worksheet.

GRADE EIGHT - Christian Faith: Risk and Reward

  • To encourage students to think about their own attitudes toward and relationship with Jesus
  • To help the students understand that any real faith requires a degree of risk and therefore some personal courage
HOMEWORK: Read this lesson over in the handbooks and complete the writing exercise.

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