Saturday, November 6, 2010


GRADE ONE - The Holy Trinity
  • Children will review the Sign of the Cross and discuss how to make it reverently.
  • Children will read the Doxology out loud.
  • Children will be presented with the idea of the Holy Trinity.
  • Children will experience a visual image of the Holy Trinity.
  • Children will hear a story which offers another analogy to the Trinity.
  • Children will learn the names of the three persons of the Holy Trinity.
  • They will learn that St. Patrick presented the Trinity as a shamrock.
HOMEWORK: Parents – try this illustration of the Trinity with your children: Place an ice
cube in a baggie. Place the baggie in the microwave and begin to melt the ice. Some of the wa
ter will turn into steam before all the ice is melted. Point out that water exists in that baggie in
three forms – ice (solid) water (liquid) and steam (vapor). This is “hard” but some children
may get it. Also, work with your child on learning the Sign of the Cross and the Doxology
(Glory Be).

SAC PREP TWO - How to Love Others
  • Children will explore how loving others includes obedience, kindness, respect and purity.
  • Children will have several opportunities to think about how they can behave in loving ways in their everyday lives.
HOMEWORK: – Parents, go over the “Review Sheet”; this is a sort of “take-home-exam” so you can see how much your child is learning. Your child should have both the review and an answer sheet.

GRADE THREE - The Ten Commandments
  • Students will become familiar with the story of how Moses was given the Ten Commandments
  • Students will explore the Ten Commandments
  • Students will have an opportunity to think about the negative and positive implications of
  • the Ten Commandments
HOMEWORK: With parents, students should complete the Ten Commandment sheet.

GRADE FOUR - Avoiding 
  • Students will be able to explain what a conscience is. 
  • Students will understand that a conscience must be “informed” or strengthened and will be able to site ways that they can strengthen their own conscience.
  • Students will understand what a temptation is.
  • Students will know that the two best ways of avoiding temptations are avoiding near occasions of sin and by praying.

GRADE FIVE - Confirmation
  • Students will be familiar with the story of Pentecost and understand that at Pentecost Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to the Church.
  • Students will understand that at Confirmation we receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
  • Students will think about what gifts God has given them and how they might be used for others.
HOMEWORK: Have students look at, and complete the certificate on page 25.

GRADE SIX - Creation Stories
  • Students will read the second account of creation from Genesis and compare it with the first.
  • Students will be able to explain the symbolism of breath and naming.
  • Students will understand the Catholic view on evolution.
HOMEWORK: Read “Doing God’s Work” on the top of page 26 in the text.
Complete the “How Can You Help” checklist and the “We Respond” section on page 27.

GRADE SEVEN - The Tabernacle
  • Students will be able to identify the Ark of the Covenant as a place where the Ten Commandments were kept and where God was present to His people.
  • Students will be familiar with the Tabernacle
  • Students will see how the Tabernacle was a prefiguring of Christ
  • Students will experience a musical meditation on Abraham’s Sacrifice
HOMEWORK: Look up more about the Tabernacle on one of these websites and be ready to share something next week: or The information on the Tabernacle on these sites is good; we don’t
guarantee the remainder of the site, however!

GRADE EIGHT - A Walk Through the Bible
  • To give students a chance to “walk through” the Bible and review what they know about it.
  • To give students practice in looking up passages of Scripture.
  • Students will practice finding Bible passages in a Sword Drill
HOMEWORK: Read pages 32-37.

FOR NEXT WEEK: Select three volunteer readers to prepare readings for next week: Mark 1:9-11; Matthew 3:13-17 and Luke 3:21-23

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