Saturday, December 11, 2010


GRADE ONE - Advent
  • Children will review the story of the Annunciation and Visitation
  • Children will review the Liturgical Calendar
  • Children will add a purple page for Advent in their Book Without Words.
  • Children will understand Advent as a time of waiting when we remember how people had to wait for a savior
  • Children will have the opportunity to decorate a frame for a holy picture.

SAC PREP TWO - The Christmas Story
  • Children will have the opportunity to review the Christmas story through story and music.
  • Children will make Christmas cards for the homebound.
HOMEWORK: – Enjoy the vacation!

GRADE THREE - The Fourth Commandment
  • Students will look up and read the Fourth Commandment
  • Students will explore the concept of “Honor”
  • Students will make specific plans to practice honoring their parents this week
  • Students will understand the Holy Family is a model family
  • Students will make a Holy Family Christmas ornament.
HOMEWORK: Read Chapter 11 in the book with your parents and discuss it. Remember your “honor” cards!

GRADE FOUR - The Mother of God
  • Students will become familiar with some titles of Mary
  • Children will understand that Mary cares for them
  • Children will decorate a box to keep their rosary in
HOMEWORK: Do the "Titles of Mary" puzzle, if it was not completed in class.

GRADE FIVE - The Communion of Saints
  • Students will review various aspects of the Eucharist, Eucharist as meal, sacrifice, liturgy, sacrament, worship.
  • Students will be presented with the concept of Communion of Saints
  • Students will recognize the Eucharist as a celebration that unifies all of God’s people.
  • Students will begin to appreciate the sign value of bread.

HOMEWORK: Write the answers to the “We Review” section at the bottom of page 50.
With help from a parent, put together the Mass booklets from the back of your textbooks. Bring
it to class after vacation.

GRADE SIX - Covenant
  • Students will become familiar with the form of a covenant in the Old Testament
  • Students will be familiar with God’s covenant with Abram
  • Students will think about the meaning of faith.
HOMEWORK: * Read the quotations on your worksheets. Give an explanation of each one and an example, if you can. * Read page 46 in your textbook.

GRADE SEVEN - The Nativity
  • Every student will be able to relate the Nativity story.
  • Students will know that stories of Jesus’ birth occur only in Matthew and Luke.
  • Students will compare the Nativity presentations in the two Gospels.
  • Students will do drawings of the Nativity as represented in one or the other Gospel.
HOMEWORK: Complete the worksheet.

GRADE EIGHT - Parables and Miracles
  • Students will experience the joy of "hearing a story".
  • Students will understand that a parable is a story that relies on a simile.
  • Students will learn a simple way to approach the parables.
  • Students will have the opportunity to briefly look at a number of different parables.
HOMEWORK: Have a happy Christmas!

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