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OBJECTIVES AND HOMEWORK - Week 13 - January 16-17

GRADE ONE - Holy Families
  • Children will be able to articulate that God is the father of Jesus and that St. Joseph is Jesus’ foster father.
  • Children will understand that the term “Holy Family” refers to Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
  • Children will imagine how the member of the Holy Family treated one another with love.
  • Children will think how they can contribute to making their own family holy.
  • Children will recognize that our parish can also be considered a family.
HOMEWORK: Do pages 70 in the textbook.

SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION - Examination of Conscience
  • Children will know that the Holy Spirit can help us see ourselves clearly.
  • Students will learn the term “Examination of Conscience” and will know that these are questions we ask ourselves about how loving we have been.
  • Students will know that the Holy Spirit can help us get the answers to these questions.
  • Students will receive the Receiving God’s Peace booklets, and look briefly at the Examination of Conscience.
  • Children will think about ways the Holy Spirit can help us be loving people.
HOMEWORK: – Complete the worksheet. Practice doing a daily Examination of Conscience each night before you go to sleep. Parents – Read Chapter 18 to your children.

GRADE THREE - Imitation of Christ
  • Students will have a chance to learn what sort of boyhood Jesus might have had.
  • Students will recognize that Jesus had a “hidden life” until age 30 and that they have a “hidden life” right now.
  • Students will understand that God knows everything they do and nothing is hidden from him.
  • Students will think about ways that they can imitate Jesus.
  • Students will be presented with the story of Jesus’ baptism and relate it to their own baptism (homework/Mass)
HOMEWORK: Parents and children should read Chapter 16, particularly page 80 (which we didn’t cover in class). Children should know the answers to the three questions on page 81.

GRADE FOUR - Jacob and Esau
  • Students will hear the story of Isaac’s marriage to Rebekah.
  • Students will hear the story of how Esau sold Jacob his birthright for a bowl of stew.
  • Students will understand what a birthright is.
  • Students will understand how serious it is to swear before God
  • Students will review concepts and information learned this trimester for the first trimester exam next week.
HOMEWORK: Do the take-home exam and go over it with your parents.

GRADE FIVE - The Liturgy of the Word
  • Children will know how to participate in the Liturgy of the Word
  • Children will become familiar with the parts of the Liturgy of the Word
HOMEWORK: Write three petitions, or Intercessions. One for leaders of our Church or in the world. One for our parish and one for someone or something specific….(for example someone you know who is sick, or who needs help.) We will pray these intercessions next week.
Also, with your parents, read the readings before you go to Mass this week. Pay special attention during Mass. You will be asked about the homily you heard.

GRADE SIX - Faulty People Like Us
  • Students will be review the idea of “types” – figures and events in the Old Testament that prefigure those in the New Testament
  • Students will become familiar with the story of Jacob and Esau.
  • Students will understand that Old Testament figures were faulty people like us, with free will.
  • Students will know that despite their faults, God was able to use His people in His plan of salvation.
HOMEWORK - Complete written work on page 52 of the text. Complete the “Your Own Experience” section of the worksheet.

GRADE SEVEN - The Father and I Are One - Jesus’ Miracles
  • Students will recognize Jesus as the Second Person of the Holy Trinity
  • Students will know that Jesus is True God and True Man
  • Students will be able to define “miracle” and distinguish a miracle from magic and coincidence
  • Students will recognize that Jesus performed four different kinds of miracles and will explore what each says about God.
  • Students will use the Bible to explore a number of Jesus’ miracles and discuss what these miracles say to us.
HOMEWORK: Challenging this week! Work with family members to complete the back of the worksheet.

GRADE EIGHT - God Works Miracles Through Us
  • Students will have the opportunity to watch the video “A Man Called Norman”
HOMEWORK: Perform a random act of kindness this week; share it with your family and
challenge family members to perform a random act as well. Be ready to share yours or a family
members’ in class next week

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