Sunday, February 6, 2011

OBJECTIVES AND HOMEWORK - Week 16- February 6-7

GRADE ONE— Jesus Teaches Us to Love God
  • Children will learn the two great Laws of Love (Love God/Love Others)
  • Children will begin to make a poster to remind them of these laws
  • Children will know three ways they can love God
HOMEWORK: Children should complete page 88 with their parents, and work on memorizing the Morning Offering if they have not yet done so.

SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION - Steps to the Rite of Reconciliation
  • Children will understand that celebration of the Rite of Reconciliation must begin at home with  a prayer to the Holy Spirit and an Examination of Conscience.
  • Children will do activities that will help them become familiar with the steps of the Rite.
  • Children will hear a story about forgiveness.
HOMEWORK:  Do the worksheet with someone at home.

GRADE THREE - Jesus and the Passover Supper
  • Children will review the Passover, and recognize that Jesus celebrated the Passover meal every year.
  • Children will identify the Last Supper as, not only the last meal Jesus had on earth, but as a Passover meal he had with his apostles.
  • Children will recognize the Last Supper as the first Mass.
  • Children will know that the priesthood was instituted at the Last Supper
  • Children will understand the way Jesus linked the Eucharist and service to others, through his washing of his apostles’ feet at the Last Supper.
HOMEWORK: Complete the coloring sheet and review sheet.

GRADE FOUR: Joseph, Part 2
  • Children will to re-tell the first part of the Joseph story.
  • Students will see a video about Joseph in Egypt.
  • Students will have the opportunity to review the important stories we have covered so far.
HOMEWORK: Complete sheet on Joseph if it was not completed in class.

GRADE FIVE - Eucharistic Prayer
  • Students will become familiar with the Eucharistic Prayer.
  • Students will understand that the words of the Consecration are the words Jesus spoke at the Last Supper.
  • Students will recognize that we offer ourselves at Mass.
  • Students will review for next week’s exam.
HOMEWORK: Use the study sheet to prepare for the exam.

GRADE SIX - Joseph
  • Class will continue to explore the story of Joseph.
  • Students will be introduced the idea that Joseph “prefigures” Jesus and that this is another way to refer to Joseph being a “type”.
HOMEWORK - Page 68 in the text. If students need prompting they can look back in the text.
Use the sample test to study for the exam.

GRADE SEVEN - Acceptance of the Father’s Will
  • Students will review the Liturgical Calendar and the season of Lent.
  • Students will understand that Lent begins with Ash Wednesday (this year on February 21) and will be prompted to think about how they will spend their Lent this year
  • Students will become more familiar with the events of the Passion, through a video, an activity, reading and discussion.
HOMEWORK: Read the text, Chapter 19.

GRADE EIGHT - Called to Protect, Part Three

  • Students will understand why it is difficult for kids to tell someone if they are being sexually abused
  • Students will identify who they could tell if someone is sexually abusing them, or a friend
  • Students will know  the words to say to tell their parents or another person they trust if someone is sexually abusing them or a friend.
HOMEWORK:  None this week.

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