Sunday, February 13, 2011

OBJECTIVES AND HOMEWORK - Week 17 - February 13-14

GRADE ONE - Jesus Teaches Us to Love Others
  • Children will remember the two great Laws of Love
  • Children will review the three ways to love God (pray/say/day)
  • Children will understand that we can love others by giving them food, by visiting them, by being a good friend, and by helping them.
  • Children will be presented with the story of the Good Samaritan and will have a chance to re-tell it.
  • Children will complete their Love God, Love Others posters to take home
HOMEWORK: Parents and children should complete Quiz 16 together.

SAC PREP TWO - Who is My Neighbor?
  • Students will learn the story of the Good Samaritan
  • Students will learn that God wants us to love all His people
  • The children will complete their report cards.
  • Students will make Valentines for homebound parishioners
HOMEWORK: None. See you at the Celebration of God's Forgiveness!

GRADE THREE - Christ’s Sacrifice
  • Children will explore further the meaning of “Sacrifice”
  • Children will be able to retell the story of Christ’s Passion
  • Children will begin to understand why Jews offered sacrifices
  • Children will think about why Jesus was the perfect sacrifice
  • Children will begin to see how the Mass is a sacrifice
HOMEWORK: Parents and children should read the chapter together (including the last page which was not read in class.) Complete the worksheet.

GRADE FOUR - Moses and Passover
  • Students will put all of the Bible stories we have studied in chronological order and compare them with a Bible Timeline
  • Students will become more familiar with the story of Moses and the exodus from Egypt
HOMEWORK: Work with your parents and the text to complete the double-sided worksheet which reviews the story of the Exodus.

GRADE FIVE - Vestments
  • Students will take their second trimester exam.
  • Students will complete report cards.
  • Students will visit the church and look at vestments.
HOMEWORK: Complete “We Review” on page 70 of the textbook.

GRADE SIX - Joseph’s Story
  • Students will take their Second Trimester Exam
  • Students will complete their report cards
  • Class will conclude story of Joseph by watching the Genesis Project video
HOMEWORK - Complete worksheet.

  • Students will be able to identify some examples of “sacrifice” in the Bible after reading several Scripture passages.
  • Students will identify in each of these Scriptural examples, the requirements for any sacrifice: the one who offers (priest), the victim (the offering), a purpose, and a result.
  • After listening to a story, students will be able to share with one another at least one new idea about the concept of sacrifice that they hadn’t previously considered.
  • Students will be able to describe why we call Jesus “the perfect sacrifice”.
  • Students will make a set of Sacrifice Beads for themselves, they will know how they are used and they will try this spiritual discipline in the coming week.
HOMEWORK - Read chapter 20 and do the worksheet. (Old and New Covenants & Sacrifices)

GRADE EIGHT - Living for Love
  • Students will see a video on St. Valentine and understand a bit better the challenge of life in the early Church.
  • Students will make St. Patrick’s Day cards for some homebound parishioners.
HOMEWORK: For next week, each student should read about the saint assigned to him/her, and be prepared to give a one-minute talk about that saint. Emphasize how this saint showed love.

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